Meet Cont®aFlu - a patent protected non-prescription remedy,

a safe and effective alternative to Tamiflu and Theraflu

Cont®aFlu is the first patent protected non-prescription product

for flu-like infections over the last 30+ years


The unique features of Cont®aFlu are:

  • It is based on Nobel Prize winning scientific discovery in innate immunity, that is has very solid scientific foundation and targets the mechanism of the disease

  • it is developed in full compliance with the principles of Evidence Based Medicine

  • it has the best possible IP protection: strong patents in the largest markets and a brilliant global trade mark

  • it is more effective for flu than any other product in this market niche

  • it can be positioned as the best option for people with chronic diseases, the population most vulnerable to flu complications and side effects of existing treatments

  • it can start off by winning patients' attention as a part of the family's first-aid kit for adults with chronic diseases

  Cont®aFlu is just one step away from registration in the EU.

  Cont®aFlu has all prerequisites to become the leader in over-the-counter (OTC) flu market niche thanks to its true novelty, efficacy, and an outstanding trade mark.

  What's more, Cont®aFlu will also be able to compete with the best-selling OTC products owing to its therapeutic, regulatory and marketing profile.

  Due to low manufacturing cost (<$0.70) Cont®aFlu can be affordable to patients in both high-income and middle-income countries.


Cont®aFlu is designed for health conscious people who prefer to treat flu with a safe and effective medication.


Cont®aFlu is destined to become a safe and effective, patent protected alternative to both Rx Tamiflu and OTC Theraflu-like products.


The IP package of Cont®aFlu is offered for acquisition to a company active in the OTC flu niche.

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Project origin: EU (Belgium)

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The science

Cont®aFlu is based on a groundbreaking discovery in innate immunity and an original drug development platform:

  • It makes use of a very promising molecular target; earlier attempts of large pharma companies to use it in viral infections has failed

  • Its author has prior experience of developing 6 other successful OTC products for Russian market

  • The key studies were performed in USA and Belgium


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In influenza and flu-like infections Cont®aFlu provides:

  • Shorter disease duration by at least 2 days

  • Lower disease severity by at least 30%

  • Alleviation of major symptoms seen within 24 hours

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Remedy #1

for the treatment of flu

safe in people

with chronic diseases

The IP package is available for acquisition

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