Meet Cont®aFlu - a patent protected homeopathic remedy,

a safe and effective alternative to Tamiflu and Theraflu

Cont®aFlu is the first patent protected homeopathic product

with evidence-based label indications


The unique features of Cont®aFlu are:

  • it is safe (has neither side effects nor contraindications) so that it can be used even in the elderly people with chronic diseases

  • its efficacy is proven: it accelerates recovery from influenza and flu-like infections by >2 days, and reduces disease severity by more than 30%

  • it remedies the mechanism of the disease, not just the symptoms — that is why it reduces disease duration more effectively than antivirals


Cont®aFlu can be used by the people with chronic diseases who are most vulnerable to flu complications.

Safety inherent in homeopathic manufacturing technology was confirmed by a placebo-controlled clinical trial.

Cont®aFlu is developed in line with the standards of Evidence-Based Medicine.

Cont®aFlu accelerates recovery from influenza and flu-like illness by >2 days, and reduces disease severity by more than 30%.

Cont®aFlu is designed for people who prefer to treat flu with a safe and effective medication.


Cont®aFlu has a good potential to become a safe and effective, patent protected alternative to both Tamiflu and Theraflu-like products,
and eventually #1 self-treatment for flu in the world.


Project origin: EU (Belgium)

Safe flu treatment for diabetics

Most today’s non-prescription medications for flu contain:




Cont®aflu is effective and safe for all these groups of people!

Watch our video to see how Cont®aFlu works


Cont®aFlu is safe in the people

with chronic diseases:

  • Diabetes

  • Arterial hypertension

  • Coronary Heart Disease

  • Others


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In influenza and flu-like infections Cont®aFlu provides:

  • Shorter disease duration by at least 3 days

  • Lower disease severity by at least 30%

  • Alleviation of major symptoms seen within 24 hours

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Remedy #1

for the treatment of flu

safe in people

with chronic diseases

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