Executive Summary of Cont®aFlu


Contraflu proposal is designed for the companies struggling to win competition for the niche of non-prescription products for flu. We have a solution that can bring your company to the top position in flu market and outperform the competitors.

We offer you to acquire the IP on Cont®aFlu, the only patented non-prescription product for the treatment of flu, based on cutting edge science and a proprietary technology platform. Cont®aFlu is just one step away from registration in the EU and other markets.

You can acquire the IP package (patents, trade mark, product dossier), and in several years become the flu market leader, dominate the available and enter new markets with dramatically increased revenues.

The Problem

  • The flu market is dominated by symptomatic fever reducing OTC products which are proven ineffective and unsafe. Their sales are driven by the need in a 'quick fix'. Manufacturers of 'non-mainstream' flu remedies have zero chances of increasing their sales, even though there is a global unmet need in effective, safe and affordable products for flu.

  • The reasons are systemic: 1) most flu products have no documented proof of efficacy; 2) they have no fast impact on flu symptoms; 3) their audience is limited to believers in alternative medicine; 4) each product cannot differentiate from the others in composition and consumer profile, with only one exception – Oscillococcinum that has become the best seller in this niche.

  • What is the secret of Oscillo? It has a different composition, a noticeable (though weird) brand name, and most importantly, a documented proof of efficacy. This has allowed Oscillo to capture the 'low hanging fruit', flu in children. This way it has reserved its place in family’s first-aid kits.

The Solution

Contraflu PTE Ltd is a Singapore-based R&D company working to bring on the market an innovative non-prescription product with evidence-based label indication, influenza and flu-like infections – Cont®aFlu. This should change the OTC flu landscape: the first product with efficacy proven up to the most rigorous standards (including those of FDA); a product based on great science; a patented product with a brilliant brand name. Cont®aFlu will be able to both outperform competitors and capture a measurable share of the market.

The Proposal

Contraflu offers a company active in the flu market to acquire the IP package covering the novel patented non-prescription product for the treatment of influenza and flu-like infections, Cont®aFlu.

The IP package

Granted patents: US 9,409,991 (USA), CA 2729226 (Canada), CN 102216330 (China), EP 2138513 (EU, validated in Switzerland, Germany, Spain, France, UK, Italy, and Netherlands)

Trade mark: CONTAFLU

International application 1300446 is granted in Australia, Austria, Benelux, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, India (1396099), Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Norway, New Zealand, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey, UK, Vietnam, and in USA (1396099).


Web domain names: contraflu.com, controflu.com, kontraflu.com, etc.


Regulatory dossier documents, including:

Manufacturing dossier (process transfer, GMP manufacturing, Stability testing), IMPD filed in Belgium, Clinical trial dossier, Preclinical dossier; Clinical trial application dossier for the pivotal trial to be run in Belgium and France.

Proposed structure of IP acquisition deal


Exclusive License with an option to acquire the IP after the pivotal clinical trial.

The terms of the future IP sale deal are then fixed.

The Licensee and the Licensor share the costs of the pivotal clinical trial.

Based on clinical trial results, the Licensee executes or waives the option to acquire the IP.

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