(an oral pharmaceutical composition of purified antibodies to cytoplasmic domain of human TLR3)

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Cont®aFlu (oral purified antibodies to cytoplasmic domain of TLR3)



This medicine is available without prescription. However, you still need to take Cont®aFlu carefully to get the best results from it. You must contact a doctor if your symptoms worsen or do not improve after 3 days.


1. What Cont®aFlu is and what it is used for.


Cont®aFlu contains an oral composition of antibodies to human toll-like receptor type 3 (TLR3), one of the key molecules regulating the body’s fast response to viruses, including influenza virus. Anti-TLR3 antibodies of Cont®aFlu modulate TLR3 activity so that the body responds to the viral infection in the optimum way, without excessive inflammation.

What Cont®aFlu is used for.

Cont®aFlu is for use in adults who have recent symptoms of influenza or flu-like illness. That is, one of the following suddenly onset systemic symptoms: Fever or feverishness, or Malaise, or Headache, or Myalgia (muscle aches); and at least one of the following three respiratory symptoms: Cough, Sore throat, Shortness of breath.

If started within 24 hours from disease onset, Cont®aFlu provides effective relief of the systemic symptoms associated with influenza and flu-like infections, and reduces disease duration (speeds up recovery) by 3 days.

How Cont®aFlu works.

Cont®aFlu is taken to help relieve the symptoms and speed up recovery from influenza and flu-like infections.

Cont®aFlu helps by modulating the activity of TLR3, one of the molecules of the body that take part in sensing the viruses and launching antiviral immunity. This helps your immune system to establish proper response aimed at clearance of the virus from the body, while not producing excessive inflammation which is actually responsible for severe symptoms of viral infections like influenza. As a result you will have the systemic symptoms of influenza relieved, and will recover from the disease much faster.


2. What you need to know before you use Cont®aFlu

Do not use Cont®aFlu

If you have intolerance to lactose, sucrose or magnesium stearate (the fillers of the tablet).

Warnings and precautions

The efficacy of Cont®aFlu is proven effective and safe in adults.

Children and adolescents

Cont®aFlu must not be used by children and adolescents under the age of 18.
This is because there is limited information in this group of people.


Other medicines and Cont®aFlu

Cont®aFlu does not share its target with any other known medication.

You can combine it with fever reducing medications like acetaminophen if necessary.

Pregnancy and breast-feeding

Cont®aFlu must not be used during pregnancy and breast-feeding.
This is because there is limited information in this group of people.


Driving and using machines

Cont®aFlu is not likely to affect your ability to drive or use any tools or machines.


3. How to use Cont®aFlu

Always use this medicine exactly as recommended here. Treatment should be started as soon as you feel that you have got flu (see the symptoms list above), preferably within 24 hours from symptom onset.

Cont®aFlu tablets are to be dissolved in the mouth, not to be swallowed; should be taken at least 10 minutes apart from meals and/or smoking.

Recommended dosing is the following:

Day 1: 3 tablets to be taken over the first 2 hours of treatment, then 3 tablets over the rest of Day 1,

Days 2-3: 5 tablets/day (intakes distributed evenly over the daytime),

Days 4-7: 3 tablets/day (intakes distributed evenly over the daytime).

Minimum recommended duration of treatment is 5 days.

If you use more Cont®aFlu than you should

Overdosing of Cont®aFlu is very unlikely. However, if you have diabetes, excessive intake of lactose, sucrose and magnesium stearate contained in Cont®aFlu tablets might affect negatively your blood sugar control or upset your stomach.

If you forget to use Cont®aFlu

If you forget a dose, use it as soon as you remember it and carry on as usual.

If you stop using Cont®aFlu

It is important to complete the whole 5-day course, even if you start to feel better quickly. If you stop using Cont®aFlu before the minimum recommended treatment course (5 days) is over, even if you already feel much better, your symptoms may get worse. The reason is that the virus has not been cleared yet from the body, and without Cont®aFlu your body may resume excessive inflammatory response.


4. Possible side effects

If taken as recommended, Cont®aFlu causes no side effects.


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